Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Date with Hubs - Sinister 2

date lah sangat

well basically now that I am not working 9-5, I truly wanted to have some quality time with my husband

and I suka sangat tengok wayang !

although sejak ada nak kecil, memang agak sukar nak pegi tengok midnight movies ke apa kan

luckily, my husband pun have flexible working hours, so these days we can go and watch movies on weekdays mornings or afternoon!

aman betul sebab orang tak ramai, so no queues and nak beli makanan pun aman sebab cepat!

peace of mind pun something money can't buy kan?


okay so this movie date thingy is something we did not plan, coz tiba-tiba my appointment with Premim Beautiful client habis awal and my hubs pun take plan and kebetulan we are near our home area pun

so off we go to the new TGV kat AEON AU2 tu...very new cinema actually
kalau uols berkesempatan datang for movies before 12 noon, the tickets are only RM8 tau..murah kan?

okay, so masa tu dah pukul 3.45 petang, so the earliest movies were SINISTER 2 and The Man from UNCLE kot... my hubs nak sangat tengok SINISTER 2 so jom jelah coz I pun takde preference pun between the two

and we used Maybank Debit card so we get RM10 for each movie tix hehehe

so have you guys watched SINISTER 1?

well this sequel actually menceritakan macam mana those kids dihasut secara halus dan compelled untuk bunuh family diorang sendiri
and for the 1st time , plan kali ini tak jadi, sebab deputy sheriff from the 1st movie tu berjaya stopkan the kid dari habiskan bunuh his whole family.
sempat bunuh bapak die je ( which tak kesian sangat, sebab bapak die memang abusive)

I feel the storyline agak simple, athough memang ada part terkejut-terkejut tu hahahah
I siap ada terjerit on one scene (hahah hubs I siap siku-siku lagi...malu lah tuu hahahaha)
an definitely ada sequel lagilahhh - sebab last tu tak tau what happen to the Deputy Sheriff tu
and the Bughul tu macam hmmm pakai suit and macam tak seram sangat penampilan die
boleh ke buat Fashion Police kat sini hahahah

oklah that's it for now

i hope everyone will have a nice time watching movies with their loved ones :)

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  1. Replies
    1. Hahha maybe dalam gambar je scary kak jas...dlm movie tu at times macam tak bape scary hehehhe


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