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RENAULT FLUENCE MALAYSIA - a whole new driving experience!

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assalamualaikum dear readers!

hehe harini entry yang lain sikit, coz I was invited to visit the RENAULT showroom and test drive a few of its models!

so today, I just wanna give my own personal review about the new RENAULT FLUENCE!

oklah, I am a girl kan, what do I know about cars?

I currently drive a Honda city (a small Japanese made sedan city car je) - so this RENAULT cars gave me a very different experieence!

of course, it's not as luxurious as a Merc or a Beemer (before Honda City, i used to drive a pre-owned Merc C-200 that my dad bought we I studied in the UK), but the continental car feel is there :)

Bila drive kereta ni, memang interior die nampak simple
no frills la
takde bombastik sangat

it serves the purpose of a spacious sedan car...
I love the ample leg room (especially untuk I yang agak tinggi ni...compared to Volkswagon car)

plus the leather finishing...
anddd ada auto cruise! (banyak plus point sbb Honda City takde auto cruise hahahah)
sesuai utk uols yang selalu drive long distance!

and ada aircond blower untuk passenger belakang takdelah panas kannn
(hahah ni pun sebab Honda City takde so my passengers always complain hahah)

* pics courtesey of

Boleh tahan jugak kan?
and mind you it's a 2.0L car, so performance wise memang at par dengan Japanese cars macam Mazda 3 and Honda Civic!

and die lagi murahhhhhhhh!!!!
price is starting from RM103,888 (without insurance) and now they came up with a plan where you get 1 year FREE INSTALMENT!

jimat almost RM15,000 tuuuu

double YEAY kan?


trully value for money!
and it comes with 5 inFLUENCE package of which you will get:

  • 5 years manufacturer warranty (unlimited mileage)
  • 5 years FREE MAINTENANCE for parts and labour (up to 100,000km)
  • Genuine parts
  • FREE PICK UP SERVICE (for every 10,000km of servicing) - super happy for this because I am so lazy to bring my car for service! tak payah cuti dahhhhh heheheh
  • Mobile solution - courtesy car available if your service or repair takes more than 48 hours to finish

so why not get your FREE TEST DRIVE TODAY!

Specifications of the Renault Fluence:

Engine: 2.0-litre 16-valve 140

Max Power: 143hp @ 6,000rpm

Max Torque: 195Nm @ 3,750rpm

Transmission: X-Tronic CVT

Fuel Consumption (combined): 13km/L (7.7L/100km)

Dimensions (wheelbase, length, width, height): 2702mm, 4618mm, 1809mm, 147

Safety features: ABS with EBD and emergency braking assist, six airbags, ESP, ISOFIX child seat mounts, driver’s seat belt alarm

Price: Starting from RM103,888.00 OTR without insurance 

Also in the same class (without insurance):

Honda Civic 2.0S: RM121,103.05

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G: RM107,353.98

Kia Cerato: RM117,680.00 (with insurance)

Hyundai Elantra: RM115,616.20

Mazda 3: RM121,105.30

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