Friday, 2 October 2015

Top Leaders Circle Power Start Seminar 2015!

   assalamualaikum semua!
just want to share some of the activities we had in September 2015 with you!

with Top Leaders Circle expanding rapidly this year, and we have more and more #PBExperts these past 6 months  - our TLC Master Trainers decided that we need to have a crash course or our entreprenuers ASAP

alhamdulillah, we managed to pull off the 1 day seminar on 11 Sep 2015 (which is a Friday) , eventhough some of us will be busy the week after for our FREE VACATION to Vietnam 

this time, I am in charge with a fellow TLCian, Safriza to arrange the venue and food for the event.
It is not easy to find a venue to fit minimum 100 pax in a week's time, but we managed to get it - alhamdulillah...

syukur jugak De Palma hotel Ampang is a syariah compliant hotel, which means we have a Jumaat Prayers held in the hotel!!!! Such a blessing sebab memudahkan our male PB experts to go for prayersss heheheh

the seminar mainly covers the essential basics that we need to strengthen in our PB Experts!
oohhh and we are also having a  new incentive trip to OSAKA , so we also put in some new strategy and fast track solution so that even new entrepreneurs can achieve this exclusive trip!

well siapa tak nak kan melancong ke seluruh dunia secara PERCUMA!
Mind you, even the flight tickets to OSAKA  costs RM2,000 to and fro (if you buy now via Air Asia!) 

the accommodation pulak jangan cakaplahhhhh
based on our past experience, no matter which country we vacation to with the company, we always stay in 4-5 star hotels!

which is roughly RM800 per night uolss!

and inshaAllah our itenerary includes UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN and also a day trip to TOKYO!

mak aihhhhh

i think if we fork out our own money , nak merasa this 5 star trip memang akan ambil at least RM15,000 jugak, termasuk makan, tiket nak masuk attractions, transport kat sana etc

belum termasuk shopping lah kan hehehhe

I am a Premium Beautiful Elegance Expert #PBAngels #TopLeadersCircle

with one of our speakers - she sells 20 sets Premium Beautiful from Johor, whilst her mentor is in KL!
she is her own Premium Beautiful testimony - she lost 9kgs in 2 months!!!!! just by wearing PB tauuuu


our lovely them to bits!

with my beloved mentor CDM Salha Zain

at tea break, we pick our mentor's brain for more tips!!! 
love you CDM Izyan Liyana!

my team from Johor - Pasir Gudang and Mersing!
boleh contact mereka untuk free fitting Premium Beautiful yaaa

motivational slot from our mastermind CDM SALHA ZAIN!

TLC MASKULIN - our male PB Expert shares knowledge about being an online entrepreneur

my direct mentor CDM IZYAN LIYANA - from driving an old Iswara in 2010, she owns her 1st luxury car in 2014!

our own PB Angel kak Zue, a school teacher, shares her experience on sharing business opportunities with clients and how she clocked hundreds of thousands sales per month!

alhamdulillah, in the seminar, we get to instill some new energy booster to our entrepreneurs 
plus they get the fast track way on how conquer the ONLINE and OFFLINE market of Premium Beautiful!

WE SHARE THE SECRETS OF OBTAINING CONTINUOUS SALES from websites, Facebook and Instagram to our PB Experts!

and what is special this time , we selected our best rising stars from this business to be speakers!

4 slots, shared by our speakers, based on their technical knowledge and experience!
these speakers have at least made sales of RM100,000 a month for the past 6 months!!!!

overall, I am proud to be part of Top Leaders Circle

what ever we aspire, we work together to build the brand TLC as PB Expert and we reap the fruits of success together!

welll... I guess that's all for today...

will try to blog regularly now and clear my backlogsss hehehehe

for Premium Beautiful inquiries - in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor , Johor areas, please do not hesitate to contact me Isma 019-339 3340 via Whatsapp for fast response!!!!

will give special , special price for my blog readers!!!

and free gifts tooo!!!


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