Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Dec 2015 updates!

so many things i need to blog about, sampai tak tahu nak mula kat mana!

inshaAllah I will catch up on blogging starting today onwards

banyak sangat nak bercerita, antaranya about my new biz partners, celebrating awards untuk biz partners yag naik pangkat, Majlish Ulangtahun SHOM, our TLC annual dinner, pasal Safiyyah who is turning 2 years old in 2 weeks ad my 35 weeks pregnancy!


pengsan tengok banyak entry tertunggak kan

for more recent news on me, pls do follow me on Instagram @ismalina or add me on Facebook Ismalina Ishak

kat social media memang usually I have daily updates hehehe

ok just leaving you with my latest photoshoot pic at Ramza Studio!
 hahaha that's another entry altogether heheh

in this pic i was 28 weeks preggy !


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