Monday, 5 September 2016

Top Leaders Circle Ramadhan project - #TLCAmal

so many business things that I haven't updated but this project is so close to my heart that I must jot it down in my blog!

every year, Top Leaders Circle will hold one charity event in Ramadhan.

The Idea is for all of us to have an avenue to give back to the society .

to be humble


not just making money all year round. to be a little bit close to Allah

alhamdulillah, the project this year is to give Iftar packs to the working crowd of KL

we believe that sometimes, the middle class people were always missed.

they might have to rush back home taking the LRT and not have anything to eat for iftar

so we launched #TLCAmal project!

love the beautiful logo!
thank you to ayahanda CDM Al-faath our IT sifu for creating lovely marketing materials always for all of our projects

it will cost a bomb if we were to engage a professional heheh

writing about this now, 3 months after the event, only the good feelings lingers

dah lupa dah all the hardships we faced in order to make it a success

well, well, I take it as a sign that Allah blessed our efforts heheh

boleh ke macam tu?

so for this event, Isma in charge of the Iftar pack with my fellow DDM Safriza.
we managed to pool almost RM5,000 from our Top Leaders Circle entrepreneurs , and we managed to pack up more than 800 packs!

kalau nak buat sendiri, I believe, we cannot get the numbers hehe
syukur for the group effort, we manage to feed 800+ pax!

I learnt a lot during the process!

- bought cheap packet drinks at NSK. We gave out Tropicana Twister Orange and Apple and Ribena inside the pack!. Do you know you can get it as cheap as RM1.70 at wholesale! Petronas jual RM3 for small bottle tauu hehehe. Ribena pun murah...

- we put in Mighty White Muffins too. Thank you Encik Yusri (0193428655) for sending almost 1,000 assorted muffins at discounted price at my house. We got quite cheap price of RM1.36 per piece. Uols boleh beli jugak for any wedding favors

- kit kat bars is cheap at Mydin and Tesco heheheh

- and we packed mariami jumbo kurma bought at Mahnaz Food , the nearest outlet in central KL is at Jalan Ipoh . Very friendly staff there

ramai yang membantu untuk pack! packing hub at my mom's place in Keramat heheheh

for the bag, I bought it for 11 cents at a shop in Kampung baru. Sticker by Kaki Cetak ( tq nazri!) - you can find them on FB

we had beautiful posters by our talented IT sifu and all 700+ of us in Top Leaders Circle made it viral in IG and FB!

you can check out our hashtag #TLCAmal in IG & FB tauuu

had some problems as KL Sentral did not allow us to distribute the packs inside the venue, but luckily we had a spot (they allowed us a spot really!) at one of the entrance near Hilton and CIMB tower.

alhamdulillah, the packs sold out in 30 minutes!

syukur Allah permudahkan usaha kami

berniaga berjemaah, beramal berjemaah

that's what makes me fall in love with this business

so enjoy some of our pics !

if you enjoy doing business as part of Top Leaders Circle
feel free to contact me ya (ISMA 019 339 3340)

it was a nice change, having the chance to give back to the community.
InshaAllah, more charity events in near future

thank you to all TLC Master Trainers for their efforts , ideas and camaraderie.
Do join us soo ya , dear readers!
tak sabar nak meet all of you!


for Premium Beautiful info, please refer to the link below

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